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RESET by Taz Dunstan

Reset cover

A step by step guide to help achieve a happier and healthier you!

Transformation begins in your mind. Once you commit to making a change and have a plan to follow that you trust - all you have to do is follow it!

Over 10 days I ate more, I trained more and I looked and felt stronger. I kick-started my transformation with a customised “reset” program.

Be the change, walk your talk and strive to educate yourself so you can share your knowledge and experience with others. Everyone deserves to be happy, healthy and confident.
by Taz Dunstan

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Hi Taz,

Get this on sale !!! It is really great writing and advice. You should be so proud of this xo.

You have motivated me to get into my Sunday food prep for good choices this week ☺ and ... no more excuses get to the pull ups goal ( with a plan ☺)

I want to see this book in shops and I want to buy a copy (signed please ;-) )

Take care


Katrina Lyons
0418 611 870
Overflow HR



Gym Only Monthly, May 2018, Feature by Taz Dunstan

Taz Dunstan is a highly qualified and experienced fitness professional who has compiled over 15 years of industry experience to design this Reset guide as a life line to help people become a happier, healthier version on themselves.

“Often when life gets overwhelming and everything feels too hard it is important to rest, reflect and reset... this is the reset that has been an absolute life saver for me and I want to share that with others”
Fitness Australia - XL Personal Training


1. Intro:
What is Reset and why does it work?
2. About the author:
What is the motivation and passion behind creating Reset?
3. Mindset:
The body achieves what the mind believes, know how to goal set for success
4. Nutrition:
In a nut shell, you control what you eat, make good choices.
5. Training:
Your body is designed to move, exercise is not a form of punishment- enjoy it.
6. Progression and celebration:
No one can be at their peak forever, if that is the case, you have plateaued.
7. Reset meal plan: 17
8. Reset exercise program: 20